Gary Moore - The Platinum Collection (3CD) 2006

Gary Moore - The Platinum Collection (3CD) 2006

Исполнитель Gary Moore
АльбомThe Platinum Collection (3CD)
ЖанрRock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock
Год 2006
Формат mp3, 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz, Stereo
Размер545 Mb

CD1: Rock
01. Parisienne Walkways
02. Out In The Fields (feat. Phil Lynott)
03. Over The Hills and Far Away
04. Empty Rooms (Remix' 1984)
05. Friday On My Mind
06. After The War
07. Wild Frontier
08. The Loner
09. Shapes Of Things To Come
10. Wishing Well
11. Don't Take Me For A Loser
12. Hold On To Love
13. Blood Of Emeralds
14. Take A Little Time
15. Like Angels
16. One Good Reason
17. Johnny Boy
CD2: Blues
01. Still Got The Blues
02. Cold Day In Hell
03. Oh Pretty Woman (feat. Albert King)
04. Story Of The Blues
05. Separate Ways
06. Since I Met You Baby (feat. BB King)
07. I Loved Another Woman
08. Woke Up This Morning
09. Further On Up The Road
10. The Sky Is Crying
11. Left Me With The Blues
12. Mean Cruel Woman
13. The Blues Is Alright
14. If You Be My Baby
15. Need Your Love So Bad
CD3: Live
01. Murder In The Sky
02. Military Man
03. White Knuckles
04. Empty Rooms
05. Out In The Fields (feat. Phil Lynott)
06. Back On The Streets
07. Stop Messin' Around (feat. Phil Lynott)
08. Cold Day In Hell
09. Midnight Blues
10. King Of The Blues
11. Caldonia (feat. Albert Collins & Albert King)
12. Cold, Cold Feeling (feat. Albert Collins)
13. Parisienne Walkways


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