Supersuckers - Play That Rock 'n' Roll (2020)

Supersuckers - Play That Rock 'n' Roll  (2020)

Исполнитель Supersuckers
Альбом Play That Rock 'n' Roll
ЖанрHard Rock,Rock 'n' Roll
Формат mp3, 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz, Stereo
Размер88 Mb

01. Ain't Gonna Stop
02. Gettin' Into Each Other's Pants
03. Deceptive Expectations
04. You Ain't The Boss Of Me
05. Bringin' It Back
06. Play That Rock 'n' Roll
07. That's A Thing
08. Last Time Again
09. Die Alone
10. Dead, Jail or Rock 'n' Roll
11. A Certain Girl
12. Ain't No Day


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