Jimmy Thackery - Extra Jimmies (2014)

Performer: Jimmy Thackery
Album: Extra Jimmies
Country: USA
Genre: Blues-Rock
Year: 2014
Format: Flac (image, cue), lossless
Size: 416Mb
01.Write If You Find Love (J.Thackery)
02.You Upset Me Baby (J.Bihari/R.King)
03.Rude Mood
04.I Got To Be Strong (J.Thackery)
05.Lickin' Gravy (G.Butler)
06.Take Me With You When You Go (J.Thackery)
07.Love To Ride (K.Sykes)
08.Trouble Man (J.Thackery)
09.I Wouldn't Change A Thing (J.Thackery)
10.Honey Hush (L.Fulsom/F.Washington)
11.Flying Low (S.Schaefer/K.Sykes)
12.Empty Arms Motel (J.Thackery)
13.Monkey (J.Thackery)



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