Great British Instrumentals Of The '50s & '60s - 60 Legendary Hits 3CD(2015)

Great British Instrumentals Of The '50s & '60s - 60 Legendary Hits 3CD(2015)

АльбомGreat British Instrumentals Of The '50s & '60s - 60 Legendary Hits
Год 2015
Формат mp3, 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz, Stereo
Размер 318Mb

01.The Tornados     Telstar    
02.The Hunters     The Storm    
03.The Shadows     The Savage    
04.The Fentones     The Breeze And I    
05.Bert Weedon     Guitar Boogie Shuffle    
06.The John Barry Seven     Walk Don't Run    
07.The Vampires      Clap Trap    
08.Arthur Greenslade & The Gee-Men     Rockin' Susannah    
09.The Dave Clark Five     Chaquita    
10.The Vigilantes     Man In Space    
11.The Krew Kats     Trambone    
12.Joe Brown     Pop Corn    
13.The Outlaws      Swingin' Low    
14 .The Volcanos      Theme From Tightrope    
15.Wee Willie Harris     Got A Match    
16.The Cannons      I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded    
17.The Eagles     Special Agent    
18.Nero & The Gladiators     Entry Of The Gladiators    
19 The Packabeats     Gypsy Beat    
20.The Drifters      Jet Black
01.The Shadows     F.B.I.    
02.Nero & The Gladiators     In The Hall Of The Mountain King    
03.The John Barry Seven And Orchestra     The James Bond Theme (From The Film 'Dr. No')    
04.Rhet Stoller     Chariot    
05.The Fentones     The Mexican    
06.Lord Rockingham's XI     Hoots Mon!    
07.The Scorpions      (Ghost) Riders In The Sky    
08.Frank Weir & His Werewolves     Manhunt    
09.The Hunters     Teen Scene    
10.Joe Brown     The Switch    
11.The Sneaky Petes     The Savage, Pt. 2    
12.The Jetstreams     Bongo Rock    
13.The Moontrekkers     Night Of The Vampire    
14.Sounds Inc.     Sounds Like Locomotion    
15.The Outlaws      Valley Of The Sioux    
16.The Ravens Rock Group     The Ghoul Friend    
17.The Chaps      Poppin' Part 1    
18.The Checkmates      Yep!    
19.Johnny 'The Gash' Gray With Ken Jones & His Orchestra     Tequila    
20.The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers     Green Jeans
01.The John Barry Seven     Hit And Miss    
02.Bud Ashton Trio     Nut Rocker    
03.Jet Harris     The Man With The Golden Arm    
04.The Tornados     Love And Fury    
05.The Barons      Samurai    
06.George Chisholm     Honky Tonk    
07.Bert Weedon     Apache    
08.Tommy Steele & Joe Brown     Drunken Guitar    
09.The Moontrekkers     There's Something At The Bottom Of The Well    
10.The Krew Kats     Peak Hour    
11.The Stacattos     Main Line    
12.Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers     Can Can '62    
13.The Flee-Rekkers     Lone Rider    
14.The Scorpions      Scorpio    
15.The Outlaws      Ambush    
16.The Firestones      Party Twist    
17.The Sleepwalkers      Sleepwalk    
18.The Red Price Comb     Theme From Danger Man    
19.The Shadows     Dance On!    
20.Brian Fahey & His Orchestra  At The Sign Of the Swingin' Cymbal (From 'Pick Of The Pops')


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