Dominic Miller - Shapes (2003)

Dominic Miller - Shapes (2003)

Performer: Dominic Miller
Album: Shapes
Genre: Jazz/Classic
Year: 2003
Format: MP3,320kbps
Size: 109Mb

1. Mass in B Minor [Qui Tollis] Bach
2. Adagio in G Minor Albinoni, Giazotto
3. Shape of My Heart Miller, Sting
4. Orchestral Suite No. 3/Air on a G String Bach
5. Presto [Violin Partita in G Minor] Bach
6. Ave Maria Schubert (feat. Placido Domingo)
7. Nimrod [9th Variation] Elgar
8. Gymnope'die No. 1 Satie
9. Misa Criolla [Kyrie] Ramirez
10. Mi Fe Bach
11. Prelude No. 3 for Clavier Bach
12. Moonlight Sonata [Piano Sonata No. 14] Beethoven
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