Dick Contino - Accordion Magic 1964 (Lossless)

Dick Contino - Accordion Magic 1964 (Lossless)

Performer: Dick Contino
Album: Accordion Magic
Country: USA
Genre: Instrumental
Year: 1964
Format: WAV(tracks1411 Кбит/сек)
Size: 224 Mb
01. Dark Eyes
02. I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder
03. Cool Water
04. Sentimental Me
05. Till I Waltz Again With You
06. Hava Nagila
07. I Almost Lost My Mind
08. Flight Of The Bumble Bee
09. She's Funny That Way
10. Blues In F
11. Fascination
12. I'm Beginning To See The Light



Пароль на архив : 1952
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