Hiromi Sano - Japan Sax (сборник из личной коллекции)

Hiromi Sano - Japan Sax (сборник из личной коллекции)

Performer: Hiromi Sano
Album: Japan Sax (сборник из личной коллекции)
Country: Japan
Genre: Instrumental,Sax
Format: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 136 Mb

01.Hiromi Sano - And Thank You For Tonight Night Fog
02.Hiromi Sano - Cape Erimo
03.Hiromi Sano - Handkerchief Red
04.Hiromi Sano - I Know Too Much
05.Hiromi Sano - Nostalgia
06.Hiromi Sano - Of Love
07.Hiromi Sano - The Inn Zankano
08..Hiromi Sano - For Example Vietnam Amagi
09.Hiromi Sano And Kimura Yoshio - And Love Affair
10.Hiromi Sano And Kimura Yoshio - Mistress
11.Hiromi Sano And Kimura Yoshio - Pleasant Memory Sake
12.Hiromi Sano And Kimura Yoshio - Pub
13.Hiromi Sano And Kimura Yoshio - Wakare
14.Hiromi Sano And Kimura Yoshio - Woman's Obstinacy
15.Hiromi Sano And King Orchestra - Different Life
16.Hiromi Sano & Kimura Yoshio - Love Song Spell

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